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qibxk7edtI have run several business’s for more than 30 years, having tried at least 6 different accounting packages even having written my own software. My own personal opinion is that accounting software companies are bullies and hold us prisoners in our own companies.

I have finally found the solution to this problem. Front Accounting is a truly free accounting package. (We are not marketing or in any way connected to Front Accounting). I am an IT specialist of 28 years and have no interest in supporting any accounting software. You are more than welcome to go to their web site and download the software for yourself, you will however have to have your own server with web hosting facilities.

What I am offering is a service to small business’s for accounting freedom.

Please Note,  I am not an accountant and I can not offer any form of accounting support. There is plenty of support on the forums on the internet, I am only trying to help smaller business’s from paying huge software fees.

Our Service

We have servers available to host this accounting package, All we are asking is a setup fee of R500 and then R100 per month per user, per company to cover bandwidth costs.server1

We give no guarantee on the Front Accounting software, If you have basic accounting skills this software works perfectly.

Contact us if you would like me to send you a link to try the demo out.


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